Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is a functional nutritionist and owner of the global online nutrition enterprise Replenish PDX.  Her journey to even considering the role of nutrition in health began with a family health crisis. In 2000 her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. At the time Andrea was 7 weeks pregnant, and her husband was given about 6 months to live.

Healing became a full-time job for the two of them. And Andrea also needed to support her body through the hormonal changes of pregnancy and extreme stress. This, along with the eventual loss of her husband, has brought her first-hand deeper knowledge of the role of the endocrine system in overall health, the aging processes, and their role in sexuality.

Andrea’s personal experience along with her professional training and expertise has made her a passionate spokesperson for the power of food. She’s driven by the desire to share with you the empowering aspects of nutrition and a deeper understanding of yourself and your physiology.

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