Jena la Flamme is a weight loss expert and founder of the Jena Wellness Center in NYC and the creator of Pleasurable Weight Loss™, as featured in Glamour, Pilates Style and on Discovery Health Channel.

After a 20 pound weight gain, and a decade of struggle with emotional overeating and bad body image, Jena had the feeling that this would be a life sentence.

However just when she’d hit rock bottom, she heard her body telling her: “Listen to me!” and for the first time, tuned in to her body’s voice. As she adapted her food and lifestyle choices accordingly, her emotional eating habits and excess weight fell away.

Since then Jena has dedicated her life to helping women awaken the wisdom in their bodies, fit into their favorite clothes, and feel fabulous, in healthy, lasting, pleasurable, natural ways, without dieting, deprivation or giving up chocolate, through workshops, online programs and private coaching.

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